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Lifetime Fiberglass Pools

Customize Your Lifetime Fiberglass Pool

colorsOnce you have selected the perfect Lifetime pool model for your backyard, you can further customize it by adding options like color, tile, lighting and more, to create a pool that reflects your personality and style.


Shell Color

Your Lifetime Fiberglass Pool can be created in one of the following colors from our three unique finishes. Choose from our standard Gelcoat finishes, our Ultra High Definition finishes, our our ENDURAshimmer colored finishes to create the pool of your dreams.

Our standard gelcoat finish comes in three modern colors: Iced White, Carolina Blue, and Breezy.

Our Ultra High Definition finish has larger flakes for even more sparkle and shine. Choose from our Blue Wave or Steel colors.

Our ENDURAshimmer finish is what we like to call “Pool Bling”. On a sunny day the light will bounce off the pool’s surface and create a light show to stimulate your senses. It is available in seven unique colors including, Pearl, Admiral, Columbia, Dodger, Crystal, Biscotti, and Nightfall.


Waterline Tile

We offer a wide assortment of ceramic and glass tile for your Lifetime Fiberglass Pool. Below are a few options we have available and we can also add custom tile to create the exact look and feel you are trying to accomplish.

Twilight Series - Black Brick Twilight Series - Black Brick
Twilight Series-Turquoise Brick Twilight Series-Turquoise Brick
Volcanic Series-Midnight Brick Blend Volcanic Series-Midnight Brick Blend
Watercolors Series - Brown Brick Watercolors Series - Brown Brick
Aqualina 3X3 Aqualina 3X3
Cielo 3X3 Cielo 3X3
Cobalto 3x3 Cobalto 3x3
Jupt 6X6 Jupt 6X6
Jupt Random Jupt Random
Jupt 3x3 Jupt 3x3
Jupt  1x1 Jupt 1x1
Cobalt Blue Blen GC82323B2 Cobalt Blue Blen GC82323B2
Cobalt Blue Blen GC82348B2 Cobalt Blue Blen GC82348B2
Khaki Tan Blend GC82323N1 Khaki Tan Blend GC82323N1
Khaki Tan Blend GC82348N1 Khaki Tan Blend GC82348N1

Accent Inlaid Tiled

You can have the steps of your Lifetime Fiberglass Pool highlighted with recessed tiles to further customize your pool and for increased security. Try adding custom glow-in-the-dark accent tiles to highlight steps after the sun goes down.

Inlaid Mosaic Tile

Add whimsical mosaics from Artistry in Mosaics for a truly unique experience. Below are some of our favorites. Visit the Artistry In Mosaics website for a complete list.

Abstract-fish Abstract-fish
Action-Marlin Action-Marlin
Beach-ball-7in-multi-color Beach-ball-7in-multi-color
Bikini-red Bikini-red
Board-Shorts-blue Board-Shorts-blue
Board-shorts-red Board-shorts-red
Bottlenose-Dolphin-Downward-with-shadow Bottlenose-Dolphin-Downward-with-shadow
Crab-18in-blue Crab-18in-blue
Flip-flops-red Flip-flops-red
Footprints-8in-blue Footprints-8in-blue
Hibiscus-Turtle Hibiscus-Turtle
Mosaic-Tile Mosaic-Tile
Mouse Mouse
Seashell-5in-orange Seashell-5in-orange
Starfish-5in-yellow Starfish-5in-yellow
Surfing-Snoopy Surfing-Snoopy

Pool Lighting

pentair lighting

Your Lifetime Fiberglass Pool can be outfitted with Pentair’s GloBright LED light to transform your pool into an evening mood enhancer.


GloBrite® lights are the creative, cost-effective way to showcase and enhance pool features like baja shelves, steps, beach entries and other shallow water features.
GloBrite® lights utilize the industry’s most advanced technology for bright, energy-effiicient lighting – while using 18% less energy than comparable shallow water lights.


  • The brightest and most efficient LEDs available.
  • 5 brilliant fixed colors, 7 dazzling pre-programmed light shows.
  • The perfect complement to IntelliBrite®5g LED Pool Lighting for dynamic, synchronized colored light shows.
  • Compatible with IntelliTouch®and EasyTouch® control systems for advanced control features.
  • When used with an optional IntelliBrite Controller, pool and spa owners without an automation system can enjoy fast and easy control of their pool lighting.
  • Does not require grounding or bonding for quick and easy installations.
  • GloBrite®lights are UL approved.

Water Features

Pool Wall Water Cascades

Cascades Cascades

Pool Wall Water Streams

Stream 01 Stream 01
Stream 02 Stream 02


bubbler01 bubbler01
bubbler02 bubbler02

Swim Jets

Swim Swim

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