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The installation process for a fiberglass pool is a simple step by step process that usually takes about a week to complete up to the patio. 

Step 1

1Your backyard is evaluated by a Lifetime Fiberglass Pool dealer, who will determine the appropriate size pool for your backyard. The ground is marked and a hole is dug specifically to fit the pool model you selected.

The ground is marked and a hole is dug specifically to fit your pool.

The pool is placed on a layer of masonry sand and plumbing fittings are attached to the pool.

The inside of the pool is filled with water while the outside is cushioned with additional masonry sand to ensure the structural integrity of your fiberglass pool.

The plumbing and electrical equipment is installed.

The decking is installed around your pool.

Step 2

2Your Lifetime Fiberglass Pool dealer will prepare the hole based on the specific model you ordered and your pool will be lowered into the hole using a crane or excavator, depending on size.

[quote quote=’The most popular way to jump in a pool is…’ sign=’The Cannonball’]

Step 3

3Your Lifetime Fiberglass Pool builder will backfill around the pool with sand or other material based on your soil conditions, while filling your pool with water. Then the plumbing and electrical will be completed.

Step 4

4At this point your pool will be ready for your patio. You can choose from traditional concrete to pavers, marble, and more. Check with your Lifetime Fiberglass Pools dealer to determine the perfect patio material for your backyard.

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