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We carry an extensive line of Thermal Spa Covers and Custom Outdoor Covers, but our line of Safety Covers are in a class by themselves. Simply put, they are the best Safety Covers made and we’re sure you will agree. What makes a COVERLON Safety Cover so much better? Heavy duty brass anchors, stainless steel springs, brass caps, custom fabricated polypropylene fabrics, double webbing (full front and back), triple stitched with high strength thread and both Box and X-Stitches at all joints. This all adds up to the finest cover available.

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[quote quote=”Swim Fins were invented by…” sign=”Benjamin Franklin”]

Automatic Pool Covers

With our automatic pool cover you get a solar, winter, and most importantly, a safety cover – all in one. You’ll notice that pool chemicals last twice as long, in addition to a decrease in water evaporation, heating costs, pool-cleaning time and our favorite benefit, a longer and safer swimming season! This will add up in year-to-year savings and overall pool time enjoyment.

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