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Why Fiberglass Pools?

In today’s market, more than 60% of fiberglass pool sales are replacement pools, sold to homeowners who are installing a pool for the second or third time. Many of them have owned gunite and vinyl pools and are making the switch to fiberglass because it just makes more sense.

At Lifetime, we want to help you get it right the first time! Avoid the pitfalls of spending lots of money on a gunite pool only to end up spending more money on a Fiberglass resurface. Lifetime Fiberglass Pools is a leading manufacturer of inground fiberglass swimming pools, spas, and tanning ledges. We take pride in the fact that we build each pool as if it were for our own backyard. Our pools come with a Lifetime Warranty so you can create backyard memories to last a lifetime. Here are just some of the reasons to choose fiberglass from the beginning:

Efficient Installation

Your new Fiberglass swimming pool comes directly from the manufacturer’s facility, ready for us to install. Even better, we can have you swimming in it within a week, while a concrete pool installation could have your backyard torn up for several months.

Smooth Finish

Our swimming pools have a smooth gelcoat finish that is non-abrasive. No sharp edges, no rough surface – and no scrapes on your skin.

Low Maintenance

A fiberglass gel coat finish will look great and typically require little or no maintenance because the smooth non-porous surface resists the formation of algae.


And that same smooth surface means that, assuming the pool pH remains the normal 7.2 to 7.6 range, you won’t have to worry about stains and discoloration.

Super Strength

Our pools exceed the standards for shell thickness and the tensile strength of Fiberglass means that the pool shell can handle earth movement by flexing instead of cracking.

Low Chemical Use

One of the misconceptions about pools is that they require constant monitoring and chemical treatments. A fiberglass surface is inert, so the water chemistry is easier to keep in balance. Minimal chemical use means more savings and less environmental impact. We also offer the environmentally safe alternative of a CL Free Ultra system to sanitize your pool.

Seeing is Believing

With our fiberglass pools, you get just what you wee – the styles and sizes are molded to exact specifications and do not vary at all from your choice.


A variety of pool sanitation methods – chlorine, mineral systems, salt chlorination, chemical-free ionization systems, and more – work well with fiberglass swimming pools.

Fiberglass Pool Myths:

People occasionally express concern about a common myth associated with Fiberglass pools. The idea that a fiberglass pool with 80 tons of water in it will “pop” or “float” is an idea promoted by those selling gunite or vinyl-liner pools. The reality is that any watertight pool can shift if there is an imbalance in pressure – that is, if there is more water under it than in it. As a result, all pools – fiberglass, gunite, or vinyl-liner – are at risk of floating when they are drained and the water pressure under them is no longer kept in balance.

This is where fiberglass has an advantage! Gunite pools are drained frequently for repairs and cleanings, while vinyl-liner pools can require draining to repair or replace liners. Fiberglass pools never need resurfacing and come with lifetime warranties, so they never need to be in the vulnerable position of being empty.

If there are legitimate concerns about water levels below a pool, there are a number of solutions, including having a drain installed to monitor and drain excess water, so water levels beneath a pool should never need to result in damage.

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Lifetime Warranty

warranty picA warranty is one of the most important things to consider when investing in a pool, but remember that pool types vary in their manufacturing and construction processes. To compare product lines, as about the warranty included and who is making the warranty. The industry standard for fiberglass pools is a lifetime structure warranty and a surface warranty – which can vary with the product line – of 15 to 20 years.

Pet Friendly Pools

girl dog squareYou are not the only one who will love your new pool – chances are your dog will too! Plenty of add-on features will help accommodate your furry friends, from ramps that improve accessibility to tanning shelves that provide cool resting places to pool-side umbrellas for shade. Below are some of the common pet-related questions we receive, but if you have additional questions, contact us and ask us how to help include your family’s best friend in your new backyard lifestyle

What pool works best for dogs?

Fiberglass is the right choice for your pet! Vinyl-liner pools are easily damaged and concrete pools can be abrasive to a dog’s paw pads. Just make sure you allow for a design with easy entrance and exit points!

What chemicals are safest for my dog?

We recommend the CL Free Ultra pool system, a purification and ionization system that means you can treat your pool without chlorine, minerals, salt, or other harsh chemicals. It is important to remember that your dog will likely be ingesting more pool water than you might imagine. Salt and chlorine can also really dry out and irritate their skin and sensitive paw pads, so with a CL Free Ultra pool system, you know your dog will be enjoying your pool just as much as you!
Peroxide and Pristine Blue (another non-chlorine sanitizer) are also healthy choices for both humans and pets.

What filter system should I use?

Dogs can have a major impact on the filters in your pool, with dander, fur, and bacteria finding their way into the water. If your dog is swimming regularly, it is important to treat and maintain your pool accordingly. We recommend a high efficiency filtration system from Pentair to keep those extra impurities at bay.

Eco-Friendly Pools

ecoFiberglass pools are the perfect choice for people concerned about their pool’s environmental impact. Non-porous surfaces mean fewer chemicals are used on a regular basis and less cleaning is required, also resulting in reduced electricity usage. Automatic pool cleaners also clean more quickly and efficiently.
Fiberglass pools do not present a risk for leaching water, chemicals, and rust into ground water – unlike more traditional pools might. Fiberglass also insulates a pool, meaning a significant reduction in the draw and operating costs associated with filters and heaters.
Finally, since fiberglass pools do not require re-plastering or new liners, they mean reduced landfill disposal.
A fiberglass pool is the environmentally friendly choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford my own pool?

At Lifetime, we want you to have your own backyard getaway and it is easier than you think! We offer a range of pricing options and you control the scope and cost of the project with your choices on everything from the type of pool to the materials and the landscaping. Not to mention the savings on things like travel and pool memberships when you can walk out your own backdoor to a relaxing oasis of your own! A pool is an investment, not just in your home, but in your physical health and your family.

How much work will my pool really be?

There is less work in maintaining your fiberglass pool than you might think and it’s certainly easier than caring for your yard or your car.

Are there major differences in manufacturing methods of fiberglass pools?

Yes, there are big differences in both manufacturing methods and the warranties various manufacturers offer, but at Lifetime we believe the products we offer are the best in terms of both construction and warranty. Just ask us why!

Do I have to have a white pool?

No! You will find that we have a wide range of colors for you to choose from with our EnduraShimmer color series!

How long does installation take?

That depends on each individual pool builder, how extensive of a project you have, their schedule, and potential weather delays. The best way to get a time frame on pool construction is to contact a local Lifetime Fiberglass Pools dealer.

Do fiberglass pools have a bathtub look?

A pool is just a cavity that holds water. It is what you choose to do around it that creates a beautiful backyard. You can customize your pool with our EnduraShimmer colors, waterline tile, mosaics, lighting, and more to create a unique swimming pool.

My friend’s old fiberglass pool has cracks. Will I have to worry about cracks in my pool?

Today’s manufacturing techniques are very different from those of 25-30 years ago. Fiberglass matting and gel coats – both backed by warranties – mean that your pool will last, well, a 'Lifetime'!

How deep can my fiberglass pool be?

Fiberglass pools can be up to 9 feet deep, but the majority of our customers find that a deep end with a 6-foot depth is a much better fit when it comes to safety and a useable swimming area.

How much repair work can I expect over the life of my pool?

Fiberglass pools eliminate so much of the work traditionally associated with pools – liner replacements, resurfacing, etc. – and regular cleaning with recommended maintenance can prevent unnecessary refurbishing.

How will a pool affect my electric bill?

On average, research shows that your utility bill may increase by $50 or less, which is small in comparison to other entertainment expenses.

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